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Wouter van den Eijnden 

The Rockfield Experience

We are Rockfield; a young, dynamic real estate developer and investment manager of sustainable and pleasant living and working environments in the Netherlands. Rockfield is an expert in co-living, student housing and mid-price rental in urban environments. Our motivations are: conceptual development, management of innovative buildings and applications, healthy living environments and affordability.

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We are future-oriented with our products. From an origin in student housing, we know how important the Urban housing career is for the next generation and the task that exists in the field of living and working.

We know what pleasant living together  means for the new generation. We use this knowledge of community-driven living concepts  to invest in products with a long-term vision. We  take the lead as a developer and unburden as property manager. In this way we can offer sustainable residential quality solutions and manage .



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We develop and manage buildings with a high-quality finish. Knowing more? Please contact us or sign up for our newsletter.