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Winnaar van de gamechanger award 2022

Property Management

Rockfield Property Management manages and leases the properties of our own funds within Rockfield. With this we have created a way of property management that is unique in the Netherlands, in which the funds have first-hand information at lightning speed. In addition, Property Management plays an important link with Development in integrating the latest trends and developments from management in projects under development or under construction.


Lean property management

Rockfield property management uses the latest proptech software techniques. With our working method, we ensure that both clients and tenants always have the latest information in an instant. In addition, we are able to manage processes digitally, making us better in  to provide service to our customers outside office hours. 


Sustainable real estate concepts for various target groups



Technical and administrative management under 1 roof


optimized online rental processes via ons eigen rental platform; ROOFZ,EU


hospitality and clear communication to tenants and customers


hospitality and clear communication to tenants and customers


The strength of Rockfield Property Management lies in our ability to manage our buildings according to the standards of our in-house operator concepts.

STUNEST Student housing 

What Rockfield has become great in is housing (international) students through sustainable developments. Rockfield has developed the Stunest housing concept for this  asset class. Stunest is characterized by responding to the needs of the modern international student; where comfort, accessibility, health and fun are important. 

The Cohesion Blended Co-Living  

The Cohesion is a living concept for the International Urban Professional. The metropolitan modern life of the Urban professional is characterized by the use of goods and services and the possession of less. In addition, the Urban professional needs cohesion with his environment, where he can live, work and recreate at his own pace.   

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