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Rockfield Concepts

Rockfield develops concepts that are scalable and can be used sustainably now and in the future. This is inherent to Rockfield's vision; creating a sustainable housing career for everyone. We develop concepts for our own management portfolio, but also for separate accounts. The strength of the concepts for our own portfolio is that we remain involved in the management phase of the concept for a long time. This way we know for sure that our concepts retain the quality as they are intended.

paar praten

The Cohesion is an urban living concept for young city dwellers looking for living comfort, facilities and a like-minded community. With The Cohesion, we have the vision to serve higher educated starters in the housing market in particular with a fully ready-to-move-in living experience in the city. With a cleverly developed Set Of Requirements, we ensure that housing costs can remain lower than with regular rental homes. In addition to lower housing costs, it also means less arranging for tenants, leaving more time to connect. The Cohesion has been around since 2017 and is one of the first coliving / young professional concepts in the Netherlands. The cohesion has a total of nearly 3,000 active community members.

College Friends
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StuNest is a housing concept for (international) students. As a developing investor, Rockfield Real Estate has developed approximately 3,000 student homes since 2015. The majority are managed by corporations such as DUWO, but we have developed our own concept for the free market: StuNest. The StuNest concept was conceived with a very well thought-out Set Of Requirements that resulted in a high-quality home product that is still affordable. The high degree of efficiency, service and attention to mental health among students means that partner universities like to work with StuNest. Every year we welcome approximately 400 new students to StuNest who are starting a new chapter in their lives.



The Friends Living concept offers an innovative and affordable solution to living in big cities, helping to reduce the housing shortage. In this formula, two or three people share a flat, each with its own bedroom and bathroom. Rent and service charges are shared, making it financially viable for individuals, whether they are friends, acquaintances or matched by Rockfield Property Management. This form of housing, already popular in major cities in the Netherlands and worldwide, responds to the growing trend of single-person households, which is expected to rise to 50%-60% in Dutch cities in the coming years.

Koppel in een hangmat

HEPPY is a housing concept for seniors who can enjoy their retirement. With Heppy we want to ensure that senior citizens can live carefree. It is a step towards complete freedom and carefree living. With HEPPY we have developed the service flat 2.0 where seniors get a perfectly developed home that changes as soon as there is a need for care. In addition, Heppy offers services at the highest level of hospitality for an affordable price. This leaves the HEPPY resident with enough to do fun things. This can be done together with the community or completely independently. It doesn't matter as long as the resident feels happy with it.

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