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Rockfield is working on co-living living environments in urban areas. We offer our residents a home in a residential building with shared facilities and build tenant communities with a strong mutual involvement. We do this based on the conviction that we are making an important contribution to the well-being of residents in our cities.


This belief is based on our vision of sustainability. A sustainable living environment is important to Rockfield, in order to achieve a sustainable future for our investors, our tenants, the neighborhoods in which we operate and other stakeholders with whom we work. We are convinced that this is crucial for creating long-term value.

Sustainability goals

Sustainability at Rockfield is concern for both the environment and society and good corporate governance. We and our funds therefore have a robust sustainability policy, based on the following objectives:


Social involvement

o Building tenant communities with a strong mutual involvement and responding to the wishes of tenants.
o Offering our employees ample opportunities for their development and involvement in our organization.
o Ensuring competitive returns for our investors.

Environmental management

o Limiting the environmental and climate change-related impact of our investments and developments.
o Reducing our impact on scarce resources through efficiency and increasing the use of sustainable materials.
o Increasing the resilience of our portfolios to climate change risks.


corporate governance

o Providing transparency about our activities to our key stakeholders.
o Embedding compliance with laws and regulations in our organization.
o Guaranteeing equal opportunities and rights.

In addition, Rockfield uses the following ESG pillars:

ESG Pillars

With this we aim to contribute to the following United Nations Sustainability Goals:

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