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delivered: June 2021

built by: Stam + De Koning Bouw

developed by: Rockfield Real Estate and SDK Real Estate

Architect: KENK Architects

operator: The Cohesion

200 micro, medium and friends apartments

commercial  space

The new LUX residential building consists of two 'stepped' building blocks separated by a communal courtyard. The eastern block has a stepped volume with 8 layers on the south side, increasing to 17 layers on the noise-affected north side. This  gives the building a powerful and unique identity, fitting within the parceled layout along Philitelaan. A low-noise and sheltered roof landscape is created and sunlight penetrates deep into the Patiohof.
On the 7th floor is a large communal terrace in the sun. Here residents can meet each other and activities can be organized.

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