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Welcome at Rockfield

Rockfield Real Estate is an Investment Manager for institutional investors of residential real estate. We acquire sustainable real estate projects with stable long-term returns. These real estate projects can be purchased turnkey, but they can also be (re)developed by ourselves or together with others. ​


As an Investment Manager, Rockfield has exclusive access to an entrepreneurial development organization, vibrant concepts and a refreshing property management organization. This provides Rockfield with a vertically integrated real estate platform. With this platform we ensure that we can work result-oriented as a one-stop shop for investors.

Our Mission

"Investing, developing and managing sustainable homes for next generations"

We exist because we want to increase the Dutch housing stock with sustainable and affordable rental homes. We have been doing this since 2014 as an Investment Manager for institutional investors who have a long-term strategy with us.


We believe that you can reach more goals with cooperation than working alone; and that is why we work closely with builders, fellow developers, architects, estate agents and tenants who also share our mission.

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