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100 tree beds for Zeeburgereiland

Together with the "De Gezonde Stad" foundation, Rockfield and other parties have the goal to transform 100 tree beds into green tree parks on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam.

Rockfield Real Estate has been closely associated with Zeebrugereiland since 2016 when Smiley with 364 student residences was completed for the DSYPH fund. Smiley has since become an icon in the area with the signature animals on the roof terraces.

The Zeeburgertuin project started in 2019. The aim of this project is to create a neighborhood vegetable garden for the neighbourhood. A place where neighbors can meet and pick their own herbs and edible flowers..

A new initiative has now been launched with the aim of creating 100 tree parks in the Sportheldenbuurt.

Tree parks are good for the city!

These tree parks make streets lively during the seasons. In addition, it makes neighborhoods more climate-proof. Greening the beds around trees makes it easier to collect excess water when it rains hard. At the same time, we help biodiversity by, for example, planting extra flowers that are good for bees.

By making the street greener with tree parks, together we ensure that the Sportheldenbuurt becomes an even nicer place to live. Moreover, with this we make the city more resistant to climate change” the healthy city ~de gezonde stad ~

Do you live in the Sportheldenbuurt and do you want a tree bed for free? Then sign up here


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