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Green Star rating for Rockfield housing funds

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Rockfield's two funds; DSYPH and DULV have again improved their score in the GRESB Real Estate benchmark and are well above the average in the leading group of European housing funds.

GRESB is the Global ESG Benchmark for Real Assets.The GRESB Real Estate benchmark measures the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios and their managers worldwide.More than 1,200 parties took part, representing 96,000 properties in 64 countries.Participants report their sustainability performance through an assessment.This assessment assesses strategy and policy, processes, risk management and stakeholder engagement.In addition, it measures the concrete performance of the properties in the portfolios, in terms of energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste collection, and compares these performances with those of the other participants.For more information see here: GRESB

Both funds scored an average of 82 points and improved by 6 points compared to the previous year.Both funds thus retain their Green Star Rating.The average score of the participants in GRESB worldwide has also improved this year, from 70 to 72 points.The Rockfield funds both performed well above this average score, finishing in the top 25 of the more than 100 participating European housing funds.

Divided into the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability components, both funds perform remarkably well in the Social component.For example, DSYPH achieved the maximum possible score here.This is partly the result of Rockfield's focus on tenant welfare and shows that Rockfield's working method is highly valued.The score in Environmental is also well above average.This has been achieved, among other things, by investing exclusively in new-build properties that meet the highest sustainability requirements and score well in the energy consumption benchmark..

“We are proud of the improvement in the scores and our place in the leading group of European housing funds,” says Catharina Klandermans; Rockfield ESG team manager.“At the same time, we continue to work on improvement.We are fine-tuning our strategy and continuing to implement it in our work.We are also raising the bar for the sustainability performance of the properties we purchase on behalf of our funds.”


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