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It's possible: Affordable living in the middle of Amsterdam

Affordable living in the middle of Amsterdam is possible.The realization of Fibonacci in the East district has started today.A residential and living concept with 243 affordable rental homes, of which 20% is in the social rental segment and 80% is mid-range.Urban, green living and the stimulation of a sense of community are central to the development of Fibonacci.

Alderman Jakob Wedemeijer (Building and Living) says: “This project makes a very nice contribution to our goal to build more affordable homes in the city, which we desperately need in times of housing crisis.What is extra special is that a lot of attention has been paid to sustainable solutions in the plan, such as adding green roofs and collecting rainwater.”

The Cohesion coliving concept

With Fibonacci, VORM adds 243 rental apartments to the sustainable and affordable rental segment in the municipality of Amsterdam.All homes fall within the affordable rental segment, of which 20% is intended for social rent (purchased and managed by housing association Stadgenoot) and 80% for medium rent (intended for one of the Rockfield Real Estate funds).“The demand for affordable housing in the middle segment continues to increase.This segment is especially important for young people."Fibonacci fits perfectly with our 'The Cohesion coliving' concept. In addition to a comfortable home, there must be enough space for sports, work and meeting," says Moreno Monsanto, Director Concepts at Rockfield Real Estate.

Affordable housing in a livable environment

The development of Fibonacci creates a balanced mix of functions and target groups.The goal with the new building: to realize affordable housing for young professionals in a liveable environment.With Fibonacci, VORM makes an important contribution to the ambition of the municipality of Amsterdam to realize 1,670 affordable homes every year.This creates a combination of urban living with a green touch.Stadgenoot will make the social rental housing available."In the city there is a great demand for housing for young people with a modest income. With Fibonacci we are adding a nice new place for these young people," says Marien de Langen, director at Stadgenoot.“At a location where space is scarce, we provide 49 social rental homes especially for young people in a smart and creative way.In this way we keep the city accessible to everyone.

Urban nature makes livable

In the project not only affordability and sustainability are central, the quality of life of the living environment is also given high priority.Various facilities are being realized that stimulate encounters between residents.In addition, beneficial green collective roof gardens are created on the roofs that store rainwater, with which the plants are supplied with water.The roof gardens also prevent heat stress and form an important place for flora and fauna, in the middle of the city.“Green areas make a direct contribution to enjoyment of living and relaxation, an important addition to our capital.And of course this will be the meeting place for residents," says Jeroen van Lier, Development Manager at VORM.

As a builder a guest in the city

Prefabrication has more advantages.The construction method results in fewer transport movements, personnel work at fixed locations and the quality level is increased.Prefabrication also results in less nuisance in the vicinity of the assembly location in the city.“As VORM 2050, we are guests in the city.We are very aware of that.Where we can limit nuisance to the environment, we will do so," says Mario van der Heiden, Plan Developer at VORM 2050. "For inner-city projects, it is a must to move from two hundred people and many cubic meters of building material to an assembly and assembly team.of a maximum of twenty professionals, which is supplied exactly on time with the right building parts.In this way we prevent miscommunication and failure costs and we realize a fast turnaround time.”Completion of the residential building is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.


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