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Rockfield has 1,000 affordable homes under construction in the Randstad

In The Hague, Binckhorst, the construction of 296 apartments in Binckcity has recently started, together with VORM. In Eindhoven Strijp S, we are building 333 homes with SDK in accordance with the highest European sustainability standard (SFDR article 9). In the coming period, two projects will be completed in Almere with AM, Highnote, including our Friends concept. In Amsterdam with VORM, Fibonacci, in collaboration with housing corporation Stadgenoot.

Lightouse Strijp-S

Edvard van Luijn, Director of Acquisition: “We are proud that we will soon be able to add 1,000 affordable homes to the current stock for the right target groups. We also want to continue to grow with new projects together with our investors”.

Rockfield is a vertically integrated quality investor;from development, acquisition, investment management to property management.That is why we can keep the quality of our products high and affordable for our investors and our tenants.We have special housing concepts with service elements that are monitored and stimulated by our own community managers on our complexes.This increases the living pleasure and creates a community with a lot of mutual social interaction. Rockfield has more than 4,000 properties under Management for various funds and institutional investors (national and international).

plint Highnote Almere


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