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Rockfield IM acquires the tallest residential tower in Eindhoven for one of its investors

Rockfield IM acquires the tallest residential tower in Eindhoven for one of its investors, in accordance with the EU taxonomy focusing on the highest Environmental standards.

Lighthouse will be a 109-meter high-rise residential tower with 333 private sector homes and 1,100 sqm of commercial space. The project also contributes to the highest sustainability ambitions and is fully aligned with the latest EU Taxonomy

The building contributes to a CO2 reduction, a high energy label with an average of at least A++ and a BENG -14% score. (BENG stands for ‘Almost Energy Neutral Build’ a sustainability requirement from Dutch municipalities)

Rockfield will operate the building with its The Cohesion concept, in order to reach the necessary sustainability and social requirements during the exploitation phase. With this, Rockfield secures the long term financial and social return for its institutional investor.

The development and realization of Lighthouse on Strijp S is a long-term collaboration between Rockfield, Spoorzone BV and the contractor Stam + De Koning Bouw BV, from Eindhoven. Sustainability has been part of the design of the building from the start and it meets the highest standards.

“We are very excited to realize a 'best in class’ building here, together with Spoorzone and Stam + De Koning Bouw, that meets the objectives of the Paris climate agreement. We expect to add more similar projects to this strategy in the short term,” said Wouter van den Eijnden, CEO of Rockfield Real Estate

Construction will start in February 2022 and completion is expected in 2025.


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