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Rockfield Real Estate joined NEPROM

The NEPROM, association of property developers, welcomes Rockfield Real Estate as a new member.

About NEPROM Membership

NEPROM membership is open to developers who professionally fulfill the client role in the development and realization of real estate projects, who are of impeccable conduct and who actively comply with the NEPROM code of conduct.

About the NEPROM

The NEPROM (Association of Dutch Project Development Companies) is the association of professional project developers.The main objective of NEPROM is to promote cooperation between the government and developers in the realization of real estate projects. NEPROM was founded in 1974.More information can be found on the website

Why Rockfield Real Estate

Rockfield Real Estate is a relatively young developing investor, developing housing projects for its own investment funds (with institutional investors) and for third-party funds. Our projects are often mixed with a large share of social rent and mid-term rent. View our portfolio here. ockfield has developed a number of its own community concepts, partly as a result of which the projects have a high ESG score. Rockfield currently manages three funds with approximately 3,500 homes in the G5, with growth potential to 5,000 homes.


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