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Rockfield Real Estate presents insights from ‘FRIENDS Living Concept’ market survey.

As a solution for the housing crisis highlighted at Dag van de Projectontwikkeling (DVDP) workshop. 

Edvard van Luijn, Commercial Director at Rockfield Real Estate, recently led a workshop and panel discussion at DVDP, focusing on the Living concept of FRIENDS apartments. Joined by partners AM, Woonzorg Nederland, and Gemeente Amsterdam, the event shed light on solutions aimed at addressing the housing crisis.

Rockfield's vision on the FRIENDS Living Concept 

Rockfield's latest market survey presents compelling data on the preferences of young people regarding co-living arrangements. Here are some of the notable insights.


A significant 59% of young people expressed interest in renting a FRIENDS apartment. In major cities like the G5, 60% of individuals aged 25-35 live alone, with this figure climbing to 70-80%. The need for suitable 1 person housing solutions is evident.


Our research, conducted through our rental platform, which surveyed over 10,000 prospective tenants, reveals that 90% of respondents are open to sharing a home. 82% of the respondents would rent a FRIENDS apartment because the sharing of costs. In this way we can effectively tackle a part of the housing shortage. 

More findings from the FRIENDS market survey by 

  • 60% said they would like to live with a close friend.

  • 30% of those surveyed expressed a preference to find a roommate through a matching programme.

  • About 60% indicate that they consider the social aspect in FRIENDS important in their decision to live within the FRIENDS concept.

  • 50% of the respondents give as reason to rent the FRIENDS apartment, the separated bathroom was well.

  • Furthermore, the survey shows that the communal facilities are greatly appreciated. Shared laundry area, gym and a balcony or terrace score the highest here.    

Working together for a future where suitable housing is within reach 

Rockfield Real Estate often promotes this innovative housing solution to stakeholders benefits extend beyond young people to also include the elderly, offering a range of advantages that address both financial, social needs and shortage of space to build. 

Edvard van Luijn remarked, "Together, we are working towards a future where affordable and suitable housing is within everyone's reach. The FRIENDS apartment concept not only provides a solution to the housing shortage but also fosters a sense of community and shared living." 

See above the layout of a 2-person FRIENDS apartment

Current operating assets with the FRIENDS Living Concept

The market research underlines the urgent need for innovative housing solutions such as FRIENDS apartments. By facilitating and encouraging such concepts, cities can significantly mitigate the housing crisis and improve living conditions for diverse demographics.Amsterdam has been the first city where the FRIENDS was introduced and Almere the latest. It turned out to be a growing trend where at least 2 friends form 1 household. The layout of the FRIENDS homes combined with all The Cohesion facilities makes this a perfect living situation for the target group.

The FRIENDS concept is within The Cohesion. A co-living community. Within The Cohesion, tenants live in modern buildings equipped with common spaces, events and a community manager. The Cohesion is located in Amsterdam, Almere, Rotterdam and bustling Eindhoven. With altogether over 255 FRIENDS apartments spread throughout the Netherlands.


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