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Rockfield Real Estate winner of Gamechanger Data-Analytics award

This year Bloxs Software presented the Gamechanger awards during the first day at PROVADA. At the innovation square PROVADA Future, Rockfield Real Estate emerged as the winner in the Data-Analytics category.Rockfield Real Estate is a young and dynamic real estate developer, investment manager and property manager. As an expert in the field of affordable living in urban environments, Rockfield focuses on a sustainable and pleasant living and working environment in the Netherlands.In the field of data analytics, Rockfield is progressive and innovative which made them the deserved winner; said the jury.

Analyzing data from across the organization

The award is presented by Bas Janssen, account manager at Bloxs Software.According to Bas Janssen, the award for Rockfield was more than deserved.“Rockfield Real Estate and Bloxs have been working together for several years and we are both developing at lightning speed. They excelled in the field of Data analytics last year! Rockfield knows better than anyone how to connect data from the entire organization, various systems and processes.With the insight they gain, they are better at reporting and forecasting towards the investment funds, in addition, the quality towards tenants also improves. Even the information of, for example, technical failures in current buildings helps them make choices for future developments!”

The whole team worked very hard

Moreno Monsanto, Director Concepts, at Rockfield Real Estate, is proud to receive the award together with Sander van Essen and Thijs Barten.“It is an absolute recognition for the work that we have worked very hard for as a team. We started with a clear vision and trained several BI specialists.Starting with the basics, we first made sure that our source data was completely correct, then we started building dashboards. These dashboards give us more insight, but also generated more follow-up questions, so we continued to refine it.The result is that we now have much faster answers to questions, the pressure on employees has decreased enormously, which makes us very scalable. My colleagues have a better insight and get into a flow with a focus on what we find important and fun, namely working for the tenant and the investors.”

Anticipate and optimize

Rockfield Real Estate works daily with about 10 dashboards, which include more than 50 reports, with financial and technical data as well as commercial data such as occupancy and vacancy.These are constantly automatically updated and sent to employees, so they are no longer dependent on spreadsheets and employees who fill them. What is special is that Rockfield's portfolio does not have a single day of vacancy. Moreno explains: In the event of tenant changes, we have 27 hours to put the units back in order. Now we have insight into what the work is that we can expect and it is possible for us to anticipate it. This makes the changes a lot smoother and that contributes positively to tenant satisfaction.


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