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The Cohesion community of Rockfield cooked and gardened for NLdoet

Last Saturday during NLdoet, community managers of Rockfield and residents of The Cohesion organized volunteer activities at various locations. With this, the community members of The Cohesion have shown how fun volunteering can be and that it matters.


In Amsterdam, community managers and residents set to work at Amsta. Together they provided a 3-course dinner for almost 40 young people with a mental disability. After the dinner, the feet went off floor with an organized disco. In Rotterdam, community members joined the Bollenpandje community center in Delfshaven. There was the initiative of the community center visitors to turn the square into a garden.Tiles out, green in. No sooner said than done..

Social interaction

We have known for a number of years that social initiatives and social interaction are important for mental health and quality of life, and this is the core of co-living for Rockfield. Living concept; The Cohesion is fully geared to this social interaction. The social aspect does not stop at the building, but the residents in the building are part of the neighborhood. By actively participating in the neighborhood, we ensure that people from all walks of life get to know each other better.

About NLdoet

NLdoet (NLdoes) is an initiative of the Oranje Fonds foundation. With NLdoet, the Oranje Fonds puts volunteer work in the spotlight and invites everyone to make a difference for a day. Volunteers would once be indispensable when it comes to many social initiatives.

About The Cohesion

The Cohesion is a residential concept for Urban professionals and is a brand of Rockfield Real Estate. Since 2017, The Cohesion has a total of 9 (pre)operational locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Almere and Eindhoven. At the end of this year, 2 new locations will be opened in Amsterdam East and Almere Center.This makes The Cohesion one of the largest co-living operators in the Netherlands.


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