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Investment Analyst 

Will you be our new colleague?

As a real estate investment analyst at Rockfield Real Estate in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), you will be part of our integrated real estate platform that is set to grow significantly in the coming years with AuM. This role offers a dynamic opportunity to be involved in various aspects of the real estate sector within our innovative organisation operating in the Netherlands.

This role offers a unique opportunity to further your career in the real estate sector and grow into a competent and versatile investment analyst within our integrated platform. Rockfield offers attractive salaries with significant bonus opportunities, in addition to excellent fringe benefits (skiing, laptop, phone, mobility, drinks etc.). If you have the right qualities and are keen to embark on a rewarding journey in the real estate industry, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

About Rockfield

  • With more than €1 billion in assets under management and nearly 5,000 residential units, Rockfield Real Estate is known as a leading investment manager in the Dutch residential real estate market.

  • Our Amsterdam-based company with around 30 employees is acclaimed for its investments and developments of some of the largest and most prestigious real estate projects in the Netherlands.

  • Ambitions to double assets under management to €2 billion in the Netherlands and also in Spain in the coming years. These plans have recently been launched and exciting news is expected soon.


 You are a true team player with:

  • Passion and affinity for real estate: Demonstrated interest and enthusiasm for the real estate industry (experience with residential property and student accommodation is a plus) are necessary for success in this role.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset: The ability to think creatively, identify opportunities and take initiative is crucial in our rapidly changing environment.

  • Initiative and responsibility: Proactive individuals who take ownership of their work and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve results are highly valued.

  • Hands-on approach: Practical problem-solving skills and project implementation capabilities are essential.

  • Analytical skills: Strong analytical skills are needed to evaluate investment opportunities, analyse market trends and make research-based decisions. 

  • Skill in Excel, AI and PowerPoint: Proficient in these tools for financial modelling, data analysis and presentation of findings.

  • Education: University Master's degree in e.g. Finance, Econometrics, Economics and Business Administration, Law or Real Estate.

  • Language: Excellent written and oral skills in Dutch and English (e.g. Cambridge). 

  • Team player: Effective collaboration with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and departments is essential for success in our collaborative environment.


  • Analysis, research and execution: Be involved in analysing potential investment opportunities, conducting research, preparing deals, building financial models and supporting the development and management of real estate projects. 

  • Deal making: Participate in activities related to deal making, including finding deals, negotiating terms and executing transactions to further the company's investment objectives.

  • Assist the real estate investment team in finding, preparing and presenting new investment memos; financing or divestment recommendations; and updates on existing investments or portfolio status.

  • Actively liaise with owners, brokers, equity partners, financiers and all other related internal departments, as appropriate.

  • Financial analysis and assessment of investment opportunities, including creation of detailed multi-level pro-forma waterfall models.

  • Manage acquisition due diligence processes and finalisations with external counterparties.

  • Assist in asset management and value enhancement of existing portfolio assets.

  • Market research of potential acquisitions, competing properties and local market fundamentals.

  • Growth plans: Contributing to Rockfield Real Estate's expansion plans, with ambitions to grow significantly in the Netherlands, focusing on student housing, affordable housing and young professionals in major cities. We prioritise intensive property management and achieving high ESG (environmental, social, governance) scores.


  • Mentoring and guidance: Benefit from mentoring by experienced professionals within Rockfield Real Estate, receiving valuable guidance, feedback and support to enhance your professional development.

  • Training and development: Access to targeted training and development programmes focused on both commercial/financial skills and essential soft skills for success in the real estate industry.

  • Project management: Participate in projects from start to finish, learn how to effectively procure and manage projects and collaborate with various stakeholders inside and outside the organisation.

Who are we?

Rockfield Real Estate develops, operates and coordinates co-living concepts under the labels The Cohesion and Stunest. Meanwhile, 12 locations with more than 4,500 homes are operational in the Netherlands.

The Cohesion 

The Cohesion is a co-living concept and now has 9 locations operational in the Netherlands. The Cohesion's locations are built for those willing to live together with like-minded people in a building. For us, living together (co-living) means living, working, playing sports and socialising in a building with enough space for "together" but also for "yourself". We believe in a strong community with a strong sense of sustainability, social interaction, well-being and ambition.

More information about The Cohesion and its members can be found on The Cohesion's website and socials.  Do you like it? Then read on because we invite you to join us in this co-experience.

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