Rockfield Development

Rockfield is an ambitious real estate developer with courage, experience and an innovative development vision. Rockfield Development develops homes and residential areas. Rockfield's main focus is the creation of sustainable and comfortable  homes in metropolitan residential areas.


The success of Rockfield development is characterized by intensive collaborations with permanent partners in the field of architecture, construction and fellow developers. Because of these long-term and sustainable relationships, we are able to realize high-quality projects.

Wouter van den Eijnden 
vrouwelijk Model


Rockfield is originally a student housing and young professional housing developer. With this specialization, Rockfield has grown into an experienced and reliable partner when it comes to developing projects in these asset classes. With this expertise, Rockfield development has further developed into a specialist in the medium-priced rental segment


We focus strongly on the conceptual management of projects to be developed. We develop concepts in-house. This means that management is closely involved in the development of projects to create the right user experience in buildings.