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Personal data Rockfield Real Estate BV is the administrator of the website . Your personal data will be used by Rockfield Real Estate BV to provide you with the services offered on the website and to enable you to use our website in such a way that your preferences and interests are taken into account.

This personal approach is possible because we may store certain data. Naturally, we respect and guarantee your privacy by complying with the European Privacy Directive (95/46/EC) and the Personal Data Protection Act. For the sake of completeness, we note that Rockfield Real Estate BV is regarded as 'responsible' for the processing of personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act. Where reference is made in this privacy statement to Rockfield Real Estate BV, this is understood to mean: Rockfield Real Estate BV and its group companies (Rockfield Property Management BV). Below is explained which personal data are processed by Rockfield Real Estate BV, the purposes for which this data is processed and how you can view and possibly correct your personal data.

Which personal data are processed?

Rockfield Real Estate BV processes in any case the data that you provide to it (for example the telephone number, e-mail address, name, home address, reactions, interests and preferences provided). Rockfield Real Estate BV does not process any special personal data, including data regarding race, religion, philosophy of life, political preference, health, criminal history or membership of a trade union. However, Rockfield Real Estate BV reserves the right to process this special personal data if you give your explicit permission for this or if you have expressly made this data public. Background check Rockfield Real Estate BV would like to draw your attention to the fact that it may carry out a credit check with a request to rent, to assess any financial risk. For example, we look at (negative) payment experiences in recent years. In addition, Rockfield Real Estate BV consults the use of the Opportunities & Complaints Register, which records undesirable tenant behavior such as housing fraud, rental fraud, improper use of rented property and nuisance. Undesirable tenant behavior is also reported by Rockfield Real Estate BV in the Opportunities & Complaints Register. Quantified data In addition, Rockfield Real Estate BV keeps track of which topics or applications interest visitors by, among other things, checking which topics or websites are visited most frequently. This data is processed on an aggregated and anonymous basis for use by Rockfield Real Estate BV or making it available to third parties. They can best be compared with viewing and listening figures on television and radio. No personal data is processed and the anonymity of each individual visitor is guaranteed. Based on this information, Rockfield Real Estate BV can best determine which topics of the website are most interesting to visitors, so that Rockfield Real Estate BV can better tailor the website to the interests of the visitor. In order to collect the above aggregated information, a small file is sent to your computer, a so-called cookie. A cookie is primarily intended to enable you to download our website faster in the future. For example, a cookie can also ensure that you do not have to enter your departure zip code each time when using the route planner. Furthermore, a cookie does nothing more than register the way in which you use our website, from which site you visit , how long you visit our site, when you leave and to which site you go next. (or log out). The partners that Rockfield Real Estate BV works with have their own privacy conditions. Rockfield Real Estate BV is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any acts or omissions of these partners in violation of privacy laws and regulations. Cookies Rockfield Real Estate BV uses cookies for the following purposes: Measuring, on an aggregated level, user behavior within the website. The purpose of this measurement is: to improve the online services provided by Rockfield Real Estate BV to its (online) customers based on aggregated measurement data (and therefore not individually). In order to retrieve such measurement data, indirect (3rd party) cookies are used that you can activate and/or deactivate yourself, if desired, in your browser and/or internet settings; providing online services to individuals on an authorization basis. Direct cookies are used for this. You can also activate and/or deactivate these yourself if you wish, in your browser and/or internet settings. If direct cookies are disabled in your browser, you cannot use all services that the website offers as a visitor / customer. If you do not want us to use cookies, you must activate and/or deactivate this option in your browser and/or internet settings. If you accept cookies, they will remain on your computer for five years, unless you delete the cookies (whether or not automatically through your computer / internet settings that you can manage). PLEASE NOTE: Disabling cookies may limit your use of our website,, and services. Purposes of data processing Rockfield Real Estate BV processes the data listed above in order to provide visitors who (wish to) use the services offered on the website and to enable them to actively use the website. taking into account the personal preferences and interests of visitors. In addition, Rockfield Real Estate BV processes the data for general relationship management as well as internal acquisition/marketing purposes. The data will be processed in a proper and careful manner in accordance with the law and will not be further processed in a way that is incompatible with the purposes for which Rockfield Real Estate BV obtained it. Under no circumstances will Rockfield Real Estate BV provide your personal data to third parties (being persons or companies outside Rockfield Real Estate BV) for their marketing activities without your explicit permission. Rockfield Real Estate BV ensures as much as possible to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing. Information and rights with regard to data You can inform Rockfield Real Estate BV that you do not wish to receive direct marketing from Rockfield Real Estate BV If you believe that your data is incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant for the purposes for which they are processed by Rockfield Real Estate BV, you can correct, supplement or delete your personal data.

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