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Rockfield's buildings are geared towards the future: they meet high environmental and welfare standards, and are strongly committed to climate resilience. 


  • Ensure that all existing buildings score against an accredited certification scheme to gain greater insight into the ESG performance of the buildings. These certifications measure energy, water, waste, health, climate adaptation, circularity, etc. 

  • Ensure that all new properties score above average in an accredited certification scheme (e.g. minimum 7.5 or higher within the GPR Building scheme)

  • We aim to understand the physical climate risks of all our assets by 2022. 

  • Maintain current biodiversity in our buildings and explore one new initiative in the portfolio each year to increase biodiversity 

  • Discuss sustainable use of the buildings with our tenants at least four times a year and include green clauses in the leases with tenants

  • Addressing our suppliers on their sustainability performance

  • Striving for maximum circular waste management in all our buildings 

  • Striving to limit water use in our buildings

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