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Utrecht, Overvecht

delivered: October 2021

built by: Van Wijnen

developed by: Rockfield Real Estate and van Wijnen

Architect: Team V

Investor: IC Group

operator: The FIZZ 

639 student residences and approx.

1000 m2  commercial  space

The location, homes and facilities of The Cube seamlessly match the wishes of Utrecht students. The block is located on the corner of the lively Brailledreef, within cycling distance of the center and easily accessible by bus and train. The range of apartments is varied: from independent apartments with their own facilities such as kitchen and shower to larger studios for, among others, couples and PhD students.  The students can also enjoy a modern lounge and attractively furnished library - and study areas. In addition, The Cube has a sports facility, an outdoor sports field on the 1st floor and two laundry bars.

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