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AM, Rockfield and Heddes deliver The Cohesion Highnote; a new icon of Almere Centrum

Almere, Oct. 11, 2023

The striking Highnote residential tower was officially opened on Oct. 11. The apartment complex, consists of 19 floors a commercial plinth of approximately 1000m2, 157 apartments, and 236 tenants. Of these, 66 apartments are in the FRIENDS concept and 48 are mid-rent units. Highnote thus responds to the great demand for affordable and center-city housing for starters and, with its lively plinth function and outdoor spaces, provides an inspiring and social place for its residents and visitors to the city.

Two tenants of The Cohesion Highnote receive the first key from Julius Lindenbergh, Almere City Councilor.

It can be done in Almere

The completion of Highnote marks a substantial contribution to the number of homes within Almere's city center. Rockfield, area developer AM, and the municipality joined forces and each went to great lengths to make this special project, featuring affordable center-city living, possible. The project sets the tone for many developments to follow in downtown Almere in the coming years. Highnote is proof that it can be done in Almere.

"Almere has a lot of ambition when it comes to housing: we want to build a lot, build beautifully, and build financially sound. The acceleration of housing construction is a top priority, to provide as many Almereans as possible with a roof over their heads. And we want to strengthen our city center. The Highnote fits well into that: 157 apartments, in a special building in a fantastic location. An asset for Almere!", Julius Lindenbergh, alderman of the municipality of Almere.

"We are proud that together with the municipality and Rockfield we have succeeded in adding a new residential segment, with affordable center-city living, to the city center. The project is a true springboard for the housing career of starters in Almere. In addition, Highnote is a nice flywheel for new developments in the city. The initial investment was bold, but together with Rockfield, we stuck our necks out in the conviction that Almere has enormous potential. Highnote is now a great example of what can be done in Almere." Martin van Nuland, Project Development Director AM Noordwest.

Affordable living in a close-knit community

With the realization of 66 FRIENDS apartments, Highnote is responding to the housing needs of starters in the housing market in Almere. In this concept, the home and thus the rent are shared, making it possible for starters to live at A-locations in cities. In addition to affordability, the FRIENDS concept is designed to form tight-knit communities in order to respond to residents' living happiness as well. With the proven Cohesion housing concept, Rockfield is giving substance to building a strong community. Within this concept, residents can use common areas, and monthly events are organized to promote social interaction among residents and build a close-knit community. All apartments are now fully rented, demonstrating a clear need for this form of housing in the city.

"With Highnote, we emphasize not only our commitment to affordable housing solutions but also to social sustainability," said Edvard van Luijn, Commercial Director at Rockfield. "Our mission is to create living environments where people thrive and experience a sense of belonging."

Mixed program Highnote

The basis of the concept for Highnote was the desire of the Municipality of Almere and AM to combine affordable starter homes with functions that can contribute to the vibrancy of the city center. Besides the mix of apartments and FRIENDS apartments, the plan provides for a lively and multifunctional plinth that turns the former parking lot into a new energetic place in the city. There are also several semi-public outdoor spaces with their own atmosphere and design (the Court, the Yard, and the Roof Garden). Living, working, staying and meeting flow together here.

"What is special about this project is that the chosen method of construction immediately revealed the appearance of the building. Whereas a more traditional form of construction often involves working from the inside out and applying the cladding later, with Highnote it was exactly the other way around. In this way, Highnote literally rose out of the ground on this tight construction site. We are super proud of the end result, a new 'landmark' of Almere." said Niels Doodeman, Managing Director at Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling.

Highnote came about from a good collaboration between area developer AM, Rockfield as investor and investor, and the Municipality of Almere. The design comes from Studioninedots and Flux Landscape. The realization is in the hands of Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling.


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