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Rockfield's housing funds again achieved a five-star rating

The renowned sustainability benchmark GRESB again awarded Rockfield's housing funds a five-star rating in 2023. Funds DSYPH and DULV, collectively managing approximately 3,500 operational homes, scored 90 out of 100 points, improving their scores from 2022. In this sustainability assessment, Rockfield's funds ranked in the top 15% among the 157 participating European housing funds and also performed significantly above the average GRESB score of 75.

"We are very proud of our efforts that have led to this excellent score," said Luc Platenburg, CFO of Rockfield. "Both the energy footprint and greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced, and our improved data coverage helps in monitoring these aspects."

The five-star status is the highest achievable rating within GRESB, signifying that DSYPH and DULV are among the top 20% best-performing funds worldwide participating in the benchmark.


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