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Highnote Almere reaches highest point with 157 affordable apartments

Residential building Highnote in Almere center; an investment of one of Rockfield Real Estate's funds reaches highest point with the completion of the 19th floor at a height of 63 meters. This moment was festively celebrated in the presence of all parties involved and Alderman Jules Lindenbergh of the Municipality of Almere. The alderman had the honor to give the instructions for hoisting the highest floor section of the building; the roof floor of the elevator structure.


Highnote is already an iconic building in downtown Almere, right next to City Hall overlooking City Hall Square. The building includes 157 affordable apartments, including 66 Friends- homes and a commercial plinth of approximately 900 m2. The building will be managed with Rockfield's urban living concept; The Cohesion. Expected completion is October this year and leasing will begin in mid-April.

Vibrancy downtown Almere

HIGHnote meets both the high demand for center urban living and Almere's ambitions. Almere Centrum wants to be Almere's attractive, welcoming and vibrant city center. A place where you feel at home as a resident, entrepreneur or visitor. This requires a diverse offer in all areas. Almere is the youngest city in the Netherlands and always will be. It is precisely this youthfulness of Almere that is well reflected in Almere Centrum.

Friends concept

Of the 157 apartments, 66 will be designed as Friends apartments with living areas ranging from approximately 65 m2 to 100 m2. All apartments also have balconies. Rockfield has already developed and managed successful residential buildings with Friends homes in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven since 2019, making it a forerunner in the field of the Friends Concept

Photo: Friends residents at The Cohesion LUX in Eindhoven, delivered in 2021

Efficient construction process

For HIGHnote, so-called prefab sandwich elements were used, which were already fitted with frames and glazing before arriving on site. This ensured that Highnote was built in an extremely efficient manner and without scaffolding.

More information about the project can be found at


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