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IC Netherlands will continue as Rockfield Real Estate

AMSTERDAM - Wouter van den Eijnden and IC Group have reached an agreement on the takeover of all the shares in IC Netherlands BV. The deal was successfully completed late December. This means that co-founder Wouter van den Eijnden has become the 100% shareholder of IC Netherlands BV which will continue from now on as Rockfield Real Estate BV.

Rockfield is a Dutch real estate developer, investor and property manager with expertise in community driven housing concepts. Rockfield's housing concepts used to be strongly aimed at students and young professionals, but Rockfield also focuses on regular mid-price rent and private sector asset class for some time. Rockfield wants to expand this strategy of development and management of special community-driven housing concepts further and faster.

The name change has no further influence on the company’s day to day business that will remain located at the Naritaweg in Amsterdam. The today’s portfolio of approximately 7,500 homes that are operational or under development will continue to exist. By expanding the focus from the G5 to G20 Dutch cities and attract new investors, this portfolio will grow significantly in the coming years.

“We started 6 years ago as a developer / investor for student housing purposed buildings, but we are much more than that nowadays. This take over gives us the opportunity to respond even more actively and decisively to opportunities in the Dutch real estate market and in particular the mid-rent and micro living segments ” according to Rockfield’ s CEO; Wouter van den Eijnden.

Rockfield's ambition is immediately visible in the new year. The Rockfield management team is complemented from 1 January with Edvard van Luijn as Acquisition Director and prior thereto with Luc Platenburg as CFO.


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