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Rockfield Real Estate adds 194 affordable apartments to its portfolio.

On December 1, 2020, national project developer and builder VORM and investor and developer Rockfield Real Estate (on behalf of one of their funds) signed the agreement for the realization of the Fibonacci residential building in Amsterdam, East district. Rockfield will also take care of the propety management. Construction is expected to start in the second quarter of 2021.

With Fibonacci, VORM adds 243 rental apartments to the sustainable and affordable rental segment in the municipality of Amsterdam. All homes fall within the affordable rental segment, of which 20% is intended for social rent (purchased and managed by housing corporation Stadgenoot) and 80% for medium rent. The 194 mid-rental apartments are intended for one of the Rockfield funds. Guido van der Veen, Director of Development and Wouter van den Eijnden, CEO, signed the agreement on behalf of Rockfield.

Affordable housing

In the development of Fibonacci, much attention is paid to the living environment of the future inhabitants. The new residential building will have a balanced mix of target groups and functions. “We create a sustainable living environment with a community living concept,” says Jeroen van Lier, Development Manager Area and Location Development at VORM. In addition, with the Fibonacci residential building, we are making a major contribution to the ambition of the municipality of Amsterdam to build 1,670 mid-rental homes every year,” adds van Lier. Rockfield and VORM are working with Fibonacci on affordable housing for young professionals in Amsterdam, among others. Living in Fibonacci equals the need for urban living; a combination of city living, with a green touch. Rockfield's specialty. Guido van der Veen: “Rockfield is specialized in affordable and high-quality housing for urban professionals. Our task is to further expand our portfolio of residential buildings in the Netherlands in the coming period. Fibonacci fits perfectly within this quest and fits in seamlessly with our housing vision”.

Community living concept

The concept is rented out by Rockfield under the name Fibonacci, which is characterized by delivering its apartments of high quality and fully finished with floor walls and window coverings and focuses on hospitality, service and community. Facilities will be built in the residential building that stimulate participation between tenants as well as with the immediate environment. Rockfield wants to contribute to the further growth and development of the Eastern Docklands with this distinctive hospitality and the well-known programming of social events.

Sustainable homes

The houses are a high-quality addition to the East district. Living in Fibonacci also means sustainable living. The homes are delivered with an EPC of 0.15 and a GPR building score of 8. The building is equipped with its own ATES installation to which the individual homes are connected. In addition, the green roof gardens are used, among other things, to store 200 m3 of water, with which the plants are irrigated.

Realization by VORM2050

VORM 2050 and its strategic manufacturing partners will ensure the realization of the project. Unique here is the complete prefabrication of the building. All ready-to-use building elements are assembled from the ground floor. In addition to optimizing construction time, this mainly yields a major environmental benefit.


The plan area is situated in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam (East district). To the west of the plan area are the Eastern Islands (the Funenpark and the CzaarPeterbuurt), which are part of the Centrum district. The Cruquius Island is located east of the plan area. Surrounding infrastructure makes the plot a species residual area and island in the city. The railway on the west side, the Panamalaan on the east side and the Cruquiuskade on the south side form the hard boundaries.

Completion of the residential building is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.


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